Changelly Review: Cryptocurrency to Exchange is very easy!

Changelly Review: Cryptocurrency to Exchange is very easy!

But when it comes, as if to keep in hold the second cryptocurrencies with bitcoins XRP, Monero, ETH / ETC, LTC, or any other, we have limited options.

AltCoin the market is boom, due to slow development process, we often face the challenges of buying them cryptocurrencies.

Different types of cryptocurrencies is the best way to keep hold, cryptocurrency exhange.

Note: As cryptocurrency field is not too old, we have to be careful with the website of cryptocurrencies different way. We speak only about working and genuine sites with you here. If we feel that a site spammy, we give you upfront.

When cryptocurrencies comes to exchange, you  Changelly be heard on different forums about (such bitcoin thread of Reddit). I have to convert the first ETH and other currencies to bitcoin from Shapeshift detect about informed about and me Changelly few days ago.

The first few questions that were in my mind about Changelly:

  • What Changelly is a legit site or a spam?
  • Can I trust Changelly for your money?
  • What if something goes wrong? Do I get any support?

I began to search and Changelly read many reviews about.

Some people have a great alternative to these also suggest that Changelly Shapeshift evacuation.

After a few hours of research, I thought I should try once Changelly.

Changelly of this review is based on my personal experience and that you will give all the information which you should know before you start with Changelly.

Changelly of Review: What you can count on this cryptocurrency exchange website?

So the first thing, Changelly a trustable site (trust-able), which you can use to exchange between different cryptocurrencies.

Their interface is very good and some of their features is who I convince to the fact that these cryptocurrency exchange no. 1 website.

Before anything else Changelly does allow you to buy the credit / debit card for bitcoins. Yet I price too much of bitcoin because will not recommend to buy bitcoins you it here. Instead, you read to buy the article bitcoins been our below:

Let Changelly take an overview of:

Changelly of Features:

  • Bitcoin any other supported enter exchange in cryptocurrency.
  • Exchange fee is only 0.5%.
  • USD Tether does support.
  • The Bitcoins can be purchased on the credit / debit card.
  • You can user account create and can also track your past exchanges.


I personally their account history feature looks very good because the exchange often in real-time.

You can always can login to your account and see the status of your current or past exchanged cryptocurrency.

April 2017, were 1,000,000 users of Changelly. It’s the thing to do is that cryptocurrency exchange is clear, in a very short time it has become a very popular website.

To begin with Chnagelly, for Beginners Complete Guide

  • Changelly Go to the Homepage.
  • Please select the currency you that you want to exchange.

Let’s assume for this tutorial that you exchange the XRP the BTC.


  • Please Exchange amount enter.
  • Please click on Exchange!

On the next page you will see the exchange rate.

Note: If this is you, you should make sure that an account create.


  • Please click on Next

On the next page, you’ll write address of the wallet, where you want to receive the transferred or take saying that converted cryptocurrency.

We’re an XRP wallet address enter in this case which have Ledger Nano s or Gatehub can get.


  • Next to click enter.

Before Changelly give you a deposit address, it will give you all the details. Do not hurry and take read once and view their information.


  • Then enter click on the button Confirm & Make Payment.

Here you will see the address of the wallet, which you’ll need to deposit the cryptocurrency. (In our case it is 0.1 BTC)


Once you can deposit the funds, it can take up to an hour a few minutes to complete the exchange.

Note: I have this site is the fourth time use and are in every time exchange 10 minutes.

Once your exchange over, you will have an email that will be your transfer.


You can see the dashboard of anytime your Changelly the receipt.

Conclusion: What Changelly a legit website?

Changelly only a legit website tool a no but that should all use a cryptocurrency user.

It all means that doing your support add to cryptocurrencies (if a problem occurs), which is a very good thing.

So In short, if you want to hold lots cryptocurrencies Changelly can save you a lot of time.

Do you know about all remnants of other cryptocurrency exchange websites of Changelly and ShapeShift? So tell us through comments.

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