For Android Best Bitcoin Wallets [2018’s Edition]

For Android Best Bitcoin Wallets [2018's Edition]

What is money as you have some Bitcoin? Are you safe from sure that your bitcoins hackers?

You’re the bitcoins you’ve purchased store where?

If your answer is – “bought where I have them on the same site” or “one bitcoin exchange,” If I keep doing what I tell you that you have compromised the security of your bitcoins.

When you are in the online exchange or websites to bitcoins, where you bought them. (Such as Coinbase, Coinsecure, BTCC, etc.), you are not the real owners of bitcoins. If they go to sites hack or to shut down their operations, you will lose your bitcoins.

you will say:

“It does not happen often so”

Yes! you are right.

Yes, however, there have been such things.

You can also click on Famous  Mtk About Gox scandal Jaan sakte.

If you do not want to lose your bitcoins, such as an office in a scandal, you keep such wallets your bitcoins like, which fully your ownership.

Much like bitcoins are wallet:

In the coming days, I individually will tell you about cryptocurrency wallets differently, but for today, I’m going to share the bitcoin wallets made for some of the best with you and most trusted Android OS.

Two things, which all kind of wallets, Gaa made list which are them same, they are:

You have a seed key and anyone can not afford these bitcoins without PIN.

When you are first time setup your wallet, it will seed display of 12 words, you should take down notes on a piece of a paper and should be able to handle on a safe place.


  • If you do not have your private key, you will lose your bitcoins.

Coinbase and CoinMama Services such that own your private key. If you want to store your bitcoins in the long term, you should have a cold storage method choose. (I’ll discuss in another article about the cold storage)

If you ever lose your phone in the future, you can always recover your bitcoins to use the seed word.

If done without delay, so let’s learn more about the Top Bitcoin Wallets made for the Android OS.

Best Android Bitcoin Wallets: 2018

We will not extend this list, as Nyen and will come in better wallets market. It’s an early edition of 2018.


It is protected from your android device malware and virus somehow you will responsiblity. It take to make sure you are not install pirated apps of any kind, or are these apps may not install crossings are with developers untrusted.

Google Play Store and Apple are also many scam wallets on the iOS store. Do not receive information without a trusted source install any wallet.

I have use for some time all wallets below, so you can rely on the wallets below.

They keep in mind: whenever you download the app, make sure that this app is a page secure. (https)

So it’s list:

  1. Nyrchelium
  2. Jcshksh
  3. Copykio


Before Mycelium I had to store in bitcoins exchanges your bitcoins. I always thought that I put it to me a long time to take a paper wallet create for cold storage and I for the moment, thought not to do it.

I once Reddit was aware of Mycelium, I can start to use and it does use up to 6 months. It is one which you key provide your seed from the most popular bitcoin wallets made for android. It also works with hardware wallets.

When you install it first. Do you have an option to restore from a seed key to your wallet or you can also create a new wallet. “Create A New Wallet” to select the option form and place down note seed key of 12 words, the piece of any paper. It take to keep a handle on a safe place.

Have Always remember: If you have given lose these 12 words have lost all your bitcoins.

MyCelium Wallet settings (1)

Mycelium are thereby also option lets you add a PIN Code that you can secure your bitcoin wallet and even more, if you have physical access to anything else your device. This is an address book any support, so you can make the transactions that may be something quickly address store.

The Bitcoins easier to do send and receive, and also one became One Of the Best Android Wallets for android. You Ledger , Keep Key or Trezor is doing a hardware similar to the wallet use, so Mycelium does it even support.

Google Play  has secured Download the Mycelium app from 


If you continue Dund to an Android wallet which offers support for multiple cryptocurrencies, Jaxx is an ideal choice in this case. This list when writing, Jaxx does support all currencies listed below:

  • Btc- Bitchoin
  • Attः- Athereum
  • Dao- The DAO
  • Dash Dash
  • Atc – Ethereum Classic
  • Rep- Augur
  • Eltisi- Laitechoin
  • ZEC- ZCash

Jaxx Supported Currencies

Jaxx Settings

Download Jaxx Android Wallet for BTC

When I explore the Nyen apps and will also try them yourself in your Android smartphone, you’ll update this list. For now, if you can even find something else about the wallets if you shared information through the comments with us about it.

Please Download the Jaxx app from Google Play

Sure Read:

We also tell through the comments that you’re making use of what methods to store your bitcoins and Who do you think to store the bitcoins in the long term Which method is best?

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